DSH Prüfung


1. Where can I take the DSH Prüfung?

The DSH exam is offered by various universities and preparatory colleges. Under DSH dates you can view the corresponding examination periods of the universities.

2. How often are we offered a DSH Prüfung?

The main period of implementation is before the start of the summer and winter semester. However, there are also universities that offer the exam less or more often. 

3. What access requirements do participants have to meet?

Most universities recognize C1 certificates as an admission requirement.

4. Can I register for every exam?

The registration options for external participants depend on the internal regulations of the respective provider. At some universities, registration is also possible without admission to study. Under DSH dates you can see which universities also accept external participants.

5. Can a DSH Prüfung be repeated?

The DSH exam can be repeated any number of times if it is not passed.

6. How much is the exam fee?

The respective universities determine the costs of an examination themselves. As a rule, the examination fees are between 65 and 160 euros.

7. What do the DSH results DSH-1, DSH-2 and DSH-3 mean?

  • DSH-1 corresponds to the B2 level of the GER. It is achieved with a result of 57-66%.
  • DSH-2 corresponds to the C1 level of the GER and is achieved with an examination result of 67-81%.
  • DSH-3 is achieved from an examination result of 82% and more and corresponds to the C2 level of the GER.

8. What result do I need for admission to a university?

At most universities, a DSH-2 exam result is the admission requirement. However, there are some exceptions, so that the DSH-1 exam result is also recognized at some universities, for example.

9. How is the DSH Prüfung structured?

The DSH exam is divided into two parts, the written part and the oral part. The following language skills are determined in the written part of the exam: listening comprehension reading comprehension scientific structures text production The oral exam is primarily about speaking.

10. What is the order of the exam?

The sequence of the language test is basically the same at all universities. The written exam is held first. After successfully passing the written part, the oral exam will be held.

11. How long is a DSH certificate valid for?

The DSH certificate is permanently valid. However, universities and authorities often need a certificate that is not older than 2 years.

12. If I have passed the DSH exam, what happens next?

If you pass the exam, you can usually apply for admission to a course at a state university.

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